Inflorescence Rose Grande

Inflorescence Rose Grande

'Infloresence Rose', a collaboration of Lumiere Art + Co's Emma Cleine and artist, Timothy Growcott.

Watercolour, paper, screenprinting ink, Arches 185gsm cotton rag. 112 x 112cm

Inflorescence means a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem. Inflorescence can also be defined as the reproductive portion of the plant bears a cluster of flowers in a specific pattern. 

This artwork is spread over four sheets of paper unframed, packed flat in a box. A framer will need to unfurl the artwork, carefully plumping up the petals before it is box framed. We make this artwork to order, please allow up to two weeks. 

Lay-by now available for orders over $150:

$990.00 AUD