About Us

We send love and strength to everyone hit by COVID-19; both financially and physically.

We have some news. For various reasons, it is with great sadness we express that Lumiere Art + Co. will be packing up the printing presses over the next few months and closing the studio doors. We thank our loyal followers and fans, work-shoppers and supporters as 2020 is our just shy of our 10th year of operation! It has gone so quickly. Lumiere started on my kitchen table and will finish up on my kitchen table as I once again work from home. Our website has been trimmed and scaled back, products in-stock heavily discounted – please enjoy our pieces one last time.

Take care,

Emma Cleine – 24/3/2020 xxx

Lumiere Art + Co. is an art and design collective, with Creative Director, Emma Cleine. Lumiere is known for hand-making artworks and textiles for wholesale and retail and sharing their work and techniques through our ever-changing ranges, pop-ups, workshops and vibrant approach to everything they do. Lumiere head-quarters is based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.