‘Abstract’ Wall Weaving


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This textile woven artworks was woven with jute and wool in India using traditional tapestry practices. The piece can be hung using the top hanger and is kept steady with an internal wooden brace.

Originally part of the ‘Lover’ collection from 2019, exclusive Lumiere Art + Co. edition of 50. This design originally painted by Emma Cleine and comes with a Certificate of Authentication, stamped by Lumiere Art + Co.

Only 1 wall hanging available. 

Dimensions: Width 73cm Height including fringe 120cm

Care Guide

Textile woven artworks should not be displayed in direct sunlight or humid environments. Keep your artwork in a mildly lit location with a constant cool temperature. When handling your artwork, please be gentle and take care to not crease or fold the artwork. Light vacuuming is advised to keep the artwork dust free.


Textile woven artworks are gently rolled and sent in cardboard packaging. Acid free tissue / paper is used to roll the artwork. A certificate of Authentication is included with each artwork by Lumiere Art + Co.

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