Box Frame with Float (medium)


Product Details

Frame your 560 x 380 artwork using the Lumiere Art + Co. signature Australian made box frame. Your artwork will be ‘floated’, with space around the edge of the print so you can see a shadow line around the art.

Only available in natural blonde wood with lightweight acrylic is used to cover the artwork. Frame size is approximately 680 x 500mm. This frame is suitable for any artwork Lumiere Art + Co. purchased that measures 560 x 380mm.

Framing is manufactured to order and while we try to complete orders as soon as possible, sometimes we can experience delays. Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for studio production.

Care Guide

Framed artworks on art paper should not be displayed in direct sunlight or humid environments. Keep your artwork in a mildly lit location with a constant cool temperature. Professionally framing an artwork on paper is best practice, ensuring that your special piece is not subjected to dust, insects or acidic surfaces.


Framed artworks are packaged in sturdy cardboard packaging. A certificate of Authentication is included with each artwork by Lumiere Art + Co.

More information on our shipping rates can be found here.