Today’s Outfit – Artist’s Proof


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This peachy pinky artist’s proof is hand-printed on 300 gsm, lightly textured cotton rag, using archival inks and conservation handling practices. This is the first print to be have been printed as this edition. This artwork measures 560 x 380mm.

The proof of this print was completed August 2021. With so many feelings to process during this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma Cleine, the artist, took comfort in the simple things; a pair of socks seemed like the perfect use of symbolism to represent ‘lock down’ and isolation. This print is a fine art relief print, a hand-printed impression of a pair of socks. This print comes with a Certificate of Authentication, signed by Emma Cleine and includes its edition number.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for packing and handling.

Care Guide

Artworks on paper should not be displayed in direct sunlight or humid environments. Keep your artwork in a mildly lit location with a constant cool temperature. Professionally framing an artwork on paper is best practice, ensuring that your special piece is not subjected to dust, insects or acidic surfaces. When handling your artwork, please wear gloves and take care to not crease or fold the artwork.


Artworks on paper are gently rolled and sent in a sturdy paper postal tube. Acid free tissue / paper is used to roll the artwork. A certificate of Authentication is included with each artwork by Lumiere Art + Co.

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